For over twelve years an Alaskan bush pilot, Charles Wilson has flown his Piper Cub, delivering small goods and medical supplies to and from some of the small remote villages around his base camp of Dawson City.

It’s a Friday afternoon and Charles is returning from one of his many flights to a remote village in the Yukon. Only this fateful trip is different, very different in fact. Charles experiences engine trouble and is forced to crash land his plane. Injured from his narrow escape from death, he finds himself in a place and time that can only be described as another dimension of reality.

A witch or an angel, it is the beautiful mistress of folklore, Guillianna that has come to Charles’ rescue… Or has she? Loosely based on Inuit/Alaskan folklore, the Legend of Adlivun is one story that has not been told. Yet!


Behind the Scenes


As you may know, Winter Village is an ambitious project. However, the ever increasing reach of technology has put tools in the hands of filmmakers like us that just a few years ago only big-budget productions could possibly afford, such as advanced 3D animation software like Autodesk Maya. This enables us to produce a story that would otherwise be impossible to make. This is your chance to show Hollywood that a small team of dedicated independent filmmakers can produce an animated short film of stunning quality on a limited budget.

High quality 3D animated films are unique, especially when one considers the many specialized artists it takes to complete these projects. For Winter Village, this challenge has been overcome with talented professionals that already are participating. Whereas many film budgets have allocated large portions to set design, makeup, wardrobe, lighting, expensive camera gear, dollies, cranes and operators, Winter Village has bypassed these costs. This is allows Tim and I with our team to focus on enhancing the quality through developing the story further and implementing advanced 3D visual FX. The running time of the completed movie will be approximately 17 minutes.

Every aspect of this production has been carefully budgeted and will be executed in the most cost effective way possible – without degrading the quality. While our team members are located in Los Angeles, London and Portland, our studio, Ambition Pictures, is based in the Salem, Oregon area. This factor lowers the production cost considerably, enabled us to reach our goal of raising the bar in the quality of independent animated films.